Founded in 2020,  CuesBlowout is a Belgian outlet webshop for high-quality billiard products. CuesBlowout offers great deals on cuesshafts and accessories worldwide. Customers will find products from top brands like Molinari, Predator and Poison. 

The products of CuesBlowout are categorized in five groups: discontinued, prototype, outlet, non-uniform and unique. All of them are perfectly useable, yet some of them are either one of a kind, never gone into production, older models not in production anymore, showroom models that have been used once or twice or non-uniform models, meaning the cue may have an imperfection due to product defaults or transportation. 

Nevertheless, we can acknowledge that all products have our 100% playability guarantee. Imperfections or defects always imply a visual issue, but will have no effect on balance, weight, shape or any type of feature that would impact playability. To insure this, all products have been tested thoroughly. More information can be found in the FAQ.

At CuesBlowout we value customers service, this indicates that the CuesBlowout team is always reachable through mail or social media. Also, improving the online functionalities of our website in order to optimize customer experience, is key at CuesBlowout.

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